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Other AM enteties at Uppsala university

  • U-Print
    U-PRINT is Uppsala University's 3D writing facility within the domain of medicine and pharmacy. U-print helps researchers and innovators at Uppsala University and Uppsala Academic Hospital with method development and manufacture of specially adapted components. We have 3 focus areas of research we help with: Tools for life sciences research; Bbioprinting;  and help with the implementation of 3D writing for preoperative planning at Uppsala Academic Hospital.
  • Ångström makerspace
    Ångström Makerspace is run by the Uppsala university library, and is a place for creative activities where you can create prototypes using among other things polymer 3D printers. The room provides the opportunity to use tools most people don’t have access to at home or elsewhere, and is situated at the libary at the Ångström laboratory.
    Introductory courses for the 3D-printers are usually given every Wednesday.

Research projects with own home pages