AM@Å - research

Research projects on additive manufact at the faculty of science and technology, Uppsala university

Ongoing research projects

There are AM-related research at the departments for chemistry, engineering sciences, and physics. These range from materials design to devlopment of new cutting edge AM equipment, and have applications ranging from life sciences to the metal industry.

  • Additive manufacturing – development of processes and materials" financed by the Swedish foundation for strategic research (SSF), and coordinated by Uppsala university
  • "AddLife – Additiv manufacturing for life sciences" a competence centre financed by Vinnova
  • ​3D-printed composites aimed at patient-specific bone replacement​
  • Design of the new AM-printer with extremely high resolution
  • Advanced material characterisation techniques that can be applied on AM materials
  • Filament-based AM of metal composites
  • Enhanced functionality of materials from additive manufacturing through surface modification
A 3D-printed, bioresorbable composite mimicking a natural bone structure

Finished research projects